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Grooved Reducing Tee Threaded Ends are designed to join different diameter pipes which are perpendicular to the direction of flow.
• They provide minimum pressure drop. They are primarily used for fire protection applications and other related grooved piping system, they can also be used for general services.
• The Grooved Reducing Tee housings are made up of Ductile Iron confirming to ASTM A536 and the grooving standards AWWA C606 with maximum working pressure 500 psi.
• The grooved equal tee features short centre to end dimensions and it helps easier installation in less space.
• Grooved Threaded Reducing Tee are used to give branches from the main pipeline.
• The branch ends can be connected by thread, usually, the branch open diameter is smaller than the main pipeline. Because the smaller diameter pipes always adapt threaded ends.
• So these grooved threaded reducing tees are also normally used in the pipeline systems and are used for applications in a variety of industries such as chemical processing, refineries, petrochemicals and many other industries.

Grooved Reducing Tee Threaded Ends

Grooved Reducing Tee Threaded Ends Dimensions