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  • Mechanical tee threaded ends are fast and simple way to provide a grooved connection along the length of the pipe.
  • It provides quick and economic connection of smaller branch pipes with cross mains or riser pipes.
  • After a hole is drilled in the pipe where in the connection area, just connect the clamps around the pipe for a grooved connection.
  • The mechanical tee eliminates the need for welding and the use of multiple fittings.
  • Mechanical Tee housings are made of Ductile Iron confirming to ASTM A536 and the rubber gaskets are made by EPDM with rated working pressure up to 500 psi.
  • Mechanical Tee Threaded outlet mechanical tee is a saddle-shaped joint for connecting one side of a pipe in the middle of a straight pipe, the branch pipe is a threaded connection.
Mechanical Tee Threaded Ends

Mechanical Tee Threaded Ends Dimensions